Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mobile Finum et Bonum

Many have asked. Why is Mofibo called Mofibo. There might be several answers - but here is at least one of them. It all starts with a language called the mother of all languages: latin.

MOBILE [mo:bilæ]. Means movable and mobile. We aim to deliver a product to all customers that brings the best possible mobile features - based on the initial idea that you can take a vast library of books with you in your pocket.

FINUM [fi:nåm]. Means trustworthy and reliable. We aim to be the best possible partner for our content partners. Our vision and belief is that we increase the total reading and that we support the digitalization of the book industry in a sustainable way.

BONUM [bo:nåm]. Means good and easy. Our product and customer experience is, and will always be, based on an aim to be easy to use. We only exist because of our customers and we are here to help if there are any questions.

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