Friday, July 11, 2014

Mofibo is testing ink reader

We frequently get inquiries from current and potential readers, asking when we will enable eBook readers. This is a quite complex area and most readers work in a closed environment.  

Onyx BOOX has just released their T68 Lynx, an eBook reader that allows its user to access the Google Play store - and thereby able to access Mofibo.

We obviously had to test this.

The T68 is up and running with Mofibo here at the office, and we are currently experimenting with the possibilities of this new eBook reader. No explosions so far.

Whether Mofibo will be optimized for the T68, and future eBook readers based on the Android platform, is still too early to say. But as our mission is to bring more books to more people, we will definitely pursuit this path further, and see where it leads us - and we can only encourage eBook-reader manufactures out there to support open development environments.