Friday, September 26, 2014

Heja Sverige

Months of hard work reached a culmination earlier today. At 09:00 we opened the doors for Swedish customers at Mofibo. A major milestone has been reached - Mofibo has gone from Danish to international operations. Heja Sverige.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tonight Denmark went to bed at 22:34 (in average, that is)

We all know that reading is popular before going to sleep. With now more than 1 million book pages read every single day, Mofibo becomes an interesting data source on when exactly Danes actually go to bed.

The above graph is a small overview of the busiest minute on Mofibo (each day we have plotted the minute with the most read pages on that day). The above data is from Aug 5 to Aug 26. And what does it tell us:

  • It would seem Danes have returned from vacation and therefore on weekdays during August in average are going to bed 20 minutes earlier - from 22:40 to 22:20 
  • That very clearly Danes go to bed late on Saturdays - around 23:30

In other words: as the time has just passed 23:00 and it is a Thursday I should go to bed like the rest of Denmark apparently already has, instead of updating blogs ...

Sleep tight!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

CEO and founder Morten Strunge prominently part of 30 under 30

In August's issue of Nordic Business Report, they announced their '30 under 30' - the young and the successful in Northern Europe.

In the prominent list we find our very own CEO and founder Morten Strunge in an impressive 3rd place position. We are very pleased with Nordic Business Forum recognizing Morten's hard work to bring more books to more people.

In the report, they state that he is;

"...a role model for many young people, and gives presentations on what it is to be an entrepreneur and to inspire others."

The rest of the list and the full article about Morten can be found here: