Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tonight Denmark went to bed at 22:34 (in average, that is)

We all know that reading is popular before going to sleep. With now more than 1 million book pages read every single day, Mofibo becomes an interesting data source on when exactly Danes actually go to bed.

The above graph is a small overview of the busiest minute on Mofibo (each day we have plotted the minute with the most read pages on that day). The above data is from Aug 5 to Aug 26. And what does it tell us:

  • It would seem Danes have returned from vacation and therefore on weekdays during August in average are going to bed 20 minutes earlier - from 22:40 to 22:20 
  • That very clearly Danes go to bed late on Saturdays - around 23:30

In other words: as the time has just passed 23:00 and it is a Thursday I should go to bed like the rest of Denmark apparently already has, instead of updating blogs ...

Sleep tight!

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