Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finally: audio is here !

We are very exicted at the Mofibo HQ - from today we are not only something for the eyes but also something for the ears. Happy listening!  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome, Mr. Gates

Yesterday we added the possibility to use Mofibo via Windows 8. Besides tablets running Windows 8 (Surface) this also mean that on a regular laptop and PC running Windows 8, one can now install the Mofibo App and read directly on the computer screen. This will not change our strategy that Tablets and Smartphones are our main focus, but we are indeed very curious to see how many PC users we will see as a result of this.

The project has been going on for some months now - and it has resulted in some interesting challenges as the windows environment can result in so many different screen sizes and has to accommodate touch navigation as well as mouse navigation and so on. The result is quite good (if we may say so), so we hope all existing customers will enjoy this new access and new readers to join the club as well.

Maybe now is the time to send Mr. Bill Gates a complimentary subscription - would be good for his Nordic language skills as well !

For more information and download of the app, please proceed to the store here.