Friday, October 03, 2014

Something for everyone

We at Mofibo are extremely proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with one of the largest publishers in the world:

"Adding Simon & Schuster is a milestone for Mofibo. With their vast catalogue of bestsellers and great authors, we can bring a world of wonderful stories to readers everywhere," says Morten Strunge, the founder of Mofibo.

More than 11.000 new English titles have been moved into our library and are now available for our readers directly on their screens. With a tidal wave of books like this, we will have to work hard in the future to arrange all the titles and make presentations in the next version of our app. But in the meantime we really suggest that you go in and search the library and get inspired.
Of course there are really big names like Stephen King and Dan Brown and many more. But there is so much more.

There are classics, biographies, books on The Second World War, love stories, great novels, crime fiction, young adult and handbooks. Think about the number one more time: 11.000 titles. It’s enough to make you think that there just might be something for everyone.

Maybe this should be our slogan:
Great books for everyone – everywhere.

Many happy, exciting, wise, dreamy, lustful, funny and life fulfilling readings,